OENO-Consulting & Service


Much more than a specialised wholesaler

When it comes to oak and wine, we are your specialised wholesaler!

With our 360° portfolio we supply much more than just a barrel.

Different coopers, multiple philosophies or manufacturing. Oak and other types of wood from internationally renowned origins.

Various designs, formats (from 30 to 8000 litres), toastings, grain selections, seasoning times. And much much more!

In addition we offer other special containers, such as ceramics amphoras and concrete eggs and vats.

Our huge range of technical equipment for maintenance, hygiene and management of your barrel stock is completed by attractive accessories and accomplishing products such as high end wine glasses, and innovative technical equipment.

Our network and our contacts combined with our long standing knowledge of the branch, enables us to create bridges between international producers and the specialised trade.

We are your professional contact providing you with advice and support. At this juncture we are always focused on efficiency. Through that we reach with our target-oriented efforts results of a sustainable value.

We support our partners to impose themselves in a highly competitive market.

With our services and products we create direct links between supply and demand.

This applies for the wine itself as well as for wineries and for qualified staff.

We guide you on the trail to the important and correct trade fairs and market places. We are skilled to analyse and valuate your product portfolio in a professional way to provide you with recommendations to optimise quality, efficiency and earning power as well as orientation toward the targeted audience.

We accompany and manage international renowned awards with our expertise.

Take advantage of our long term international industry knowledge!